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Qualitative Spheres of Public Opinion

When faced with a thousand exchanged messages in a media-based group, how do you find frames of relevance? Qualichat is a non-profit project that provides an open-source linguistic ethnography tool for framing public opinion in Portuguese-mediatized groups to the academic community. Coding is in Python for quali-quantitative analysis.

Our features for your several needs


Find linguistic structures, textual symbol usages, emails, mentions, and shared links.


Detect how conversational frames can be started and ended.


Find the activity channels that are the most popular and least visible.


Look at the ways that actors can manipulate conversational games.

Participation status

Discover who debates the most, silences the most, and raises the most keys in groups.


All uploaded files go through preprocessing, where "txt" file lines are fixed.

The True Mysterious Peacock

Pavão Mysteriozo is a song composed by the singer Ednardo from Ceará in 1974. The song is a symbol of resistance and inspires Qualichat in the struggle against misinformation.

Illustration of the Peacock kindly courtesy of Baiao Studio.

We do not collect, handle or process any kind on subject or third parties data!

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