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Qualichat is an open-source software released on July 3, 2021 for the analysis of whatsapp groups to dimension of discourse content, as well as any thematic structure, as a quantitative index, without losing the media ethnography domain. It dialogues with Computational Linguistics in natural language processing techniques in quantiqualitative investigations on the contents disseminated in groups, allowing an analysis of shared links and adherence to specific topics.

It also contextualizes Erving Goffman’s face-to-face representation and figuration concepts, developing features to detect vulnerabilities and ritual of conversational frames. Qualichat ponders on Ernest Manheim’s concepts of group linkages in the formation of publicity experience and changes in public opinion.

Design at the University of Campinas and proudly sponsor by the American Political Science Association.


Ernest Manheim Laboratório de Opinião Pública Corporate Taxpayer's Registry CNPJ 17.022.589/0001-21 NIRE 35-8-0617619-8

R. Manuel Henrique Lopes, 105 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 05417-050 - Brazil

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